Several live video streams at the same time, choosing translators, likes and something else new for you


The first in this year Hola update is already available for Android and iOS users, in which we added for you several important functions and new opportunities in live video streaming.

iOS and Android
  • Now in the group and on the channel several live video streams can be started at the same time
  • The live video stream can be started by those who create the group / channel indicated as translators
  • Viewers can choose which live video stream to watch
  • The quality of the live video stream can now be selected from a simplified list: low, medium or high.
  • Android
    Android users also received additional features:
  • To change the chat background
  • To like the live video stream while watching it
  • The viewers of the live video stream can minimize it to a small window and, for example, read or reply to messages
  • Now your avatar is displayed not only in your group chats, but also in regular dialogs.
  • Add Translators
    For the creators of groups / channels, the function "add translators" is now available, choose which of the group / channel participants will now have the right to create live video streaming. You can also "allow all" participants to be translators (this will include those participants who will be added in future).
    Quality of live video streams
    By default, the quality of live stream is low, but just before it starts, you can choose medium or high quality. If you and your audience have a good Internet connection and powerful smartphones, you can choose high quality.
    Watching live video stream
    If several live video streams are started at the same time in a group / channel, you can connect to any of them. In this case, when you click on the red information panel, a window with a list of active live video streams will appear.
    Watching live video stream and using picture-in-picture mode
    You can minimize the live video stream to a small window, without interrupting your watching. At this time you can go to other sections of the messenger, text or send files. But if you close the application, the live video stream will be interrupted and you will need to reconnect.

    Version of this update
    Android 4.3.0е
    iOS 4.4

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