We have complele a list of the most frequently asked questions for you. If there is no answer to your question, you can contact our support.

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What is Hola?

Hola is a convenient, multifunctional and secure mobile messaging app. In addition to simple text messages, you can also send photos, videos, any files, all sorts of stickers, call Hola users around the world free of charge, and also conduct LIVE video broadcasts. Hola can be a convenient means of communication for any audience. Live video broadcasts can be conducted in groups and on channels; you can save video and have a broadcasts history view. And an important fact: you can sync your data between all your devices

What is different from Telegram?

The main difference is that in Hola there is an opportunity to conduct Live Broadcasts in group chats and on channels, you can save video broadcasts and view a live video history. And this list will be continuously updated with live streaming opportunities and working with the messenger as a whole

How to invite your friends to join Hola?

Open application menu and click "Invite Friends." Then choose through what application you want to send your invitation

What devices support Hola?

The mobile application Hola is supported on Android operating systems (mobile phones) and iOS (iPhone)

How to create a chat / group / channel?

Create chat / secret chat:
Click the "+" icon in the upper right corner of the Chat section
Choose to create a "chat" or "secret chat"
Selecting the desired contact will open a chat with him.

To create a group:
Click the "+" icon, choose to create a "Group chat"
Add users from your contact list
Fill out the information about the group

To create a Channel:
Click the "+" icon, select "create channel"
Fill out the channel information
Choose the type of channel: public or private
Add members

How to start a conversation (chat) with the user?

There are several ways to create a conversation (chat):

  1. Click "+" in the upper right corner in the Chat section, select "Create chat"
  2. In the user profile, click on the icon "Write a message"
  3. In the "Contacts" tab, click on the desired user from the contact list

How to use video messages?

Go into any chat, click on the microphone, the camera icon will appear - press and hold it to record and release when finished. The message will immediately go to the chat.
If you keep your finger in one place no desire, then simply swipe it up to the lock icon. And you do not need to hold the icon for recording anymore. This function is also available in voice messages

How to contact support?

You can contact Hola support via the application or through the website. In the settings of the messenger, in the "support" section, select "ask a question". In the pop-up window, click the "ask" button and a special chat window opens where you can leave your message. On the official website page, you can fill out the form in the "Support" section. In the Hola FAQ section of the site there are popular questions about Hola and maybe you'll find an answer to your question there

How do I delete my account and what happens after I delete it?

To delete your account, you need to go to the deactivation page. Deactivation occurs via the Telegram website, since Hola messenger is an unofficial Telegram customer, and all information is stored on their servers https://my.telegram.org/auth?to=deactivate
After deleting your account, all messages, chats, groups, channels and contacts will be lost. You must confirm the deletion through your account in Hola. Profile deletions are irreversible. If you re-register the application, then you will be considered a new user and cannot restore the history

How do I change the number that’s registered to my account?

To change your phone number, tied to the account you need to go to the settings and click on the phone number. You can change the phone number and save all the information, including contacts, messages and secret chats on all devices. If you already have another Hola account tied the target number, you must first delete this account

How do I log out of my account?

Main menu – Log out

How do I add / edit my profile information?

Choose the settings of the messenger; there you can edit the user name and biography. In the settings menu, you can edit the name

How do I block a user?

  • Go to the contact profile you want to block
  • Select the profile menu
  • Click block / unblock

  • Blocked contacts can be found in the Privacy and Security section, in the messenger settings, there you can also unblock them

    What is a username? How to create / delete it?

    You can give your friends a link with your username; it will automatically open Hola and chat with you. People can easily find you and contact Hola, even if they do not have your phone number.

    To create a user name:

  • click on the main menu
  • go to settings
  • click on the "Username"

  • To delete it, just save the blank field

    How to buy a set of stickers?

    In the main menu of the messenger there are Trending Stickers. Near each set of stickers there is a price.
    In order to buy a set of stickers, you need to click on the button with the price. Payment is made through your Google account; you will need to enter a password for your Google account to verify your purchase

    How to use the stickers in the chat?

    When the set of stickers is bought open the chat, click on the smiley icon at the bottom of the screen. You can scroll through the icons of your sticker sets, select the desired one, then click on the sticker from this set and it will automatically go to the chat

    How to delete / add a purchased set of stickers?

    If you bought a set of stickers and do not want it to appear in the list of your stickers in chats, then you need to go to the "Store", select on the sticker set and click "delete" in the lower left part of the screen. Or, you can do the same in any chat by clicking on the sticker. At any time, you will be able to "add" it and it will be available for use in chat rooms

    Why is the secret chat unique?

    Secret chat rooms are created for people who want to keep their correspondence secret. All messages in secret chats use end-to-end encryption. Only you and the recipient can read these messages, and no one can decipher them. You cannot send a message or a file from a secret chat. And if you delete messages in your chat, then the application on the recipient's side will also delete them. You can use a timer for self-destruct messages or files, by selecting how long after they have been read or opened by the recipient they are deleted. Then the message disappears from your device and your friend’s one. Access to secret chats is possible only from one device

    How does self-destructing messaging works?

    Having created a secret chat, there is an exchange of encryption keys by the so-called Diffie-Hellman protocol. After establishing a secure connection, an image is created that visualizes the encryption key for your secret chat. Your image and the person you are talking to are identical. Thanks to this, the attack is in principle impossible

    How to set the self-destruct timer?

    The self-destruct timer is only available for secret chats. To set it, tap the clock icon and set the timer to the desired time interval

    Who can make live stream?

    The creator, administrator (s) of the group / channel and those who create the group / channel indicated as translators in settings can make live stream. To add users as translators you need to enter the group chat / channel, in the upper right corner click on the menu and select "Add translators"

    How do I start a live stream?

  • Go to your own group / supergroup or channel in which you are the creator
  • Press the "LIVE" button at the bottom of the screen.
  • Choose the quality of the video (low, medium or high)
  • Click "Start"
  • How can I save the live stream I've done?

    After the live stream, the window for saving this video is automatically opened. You must specify the name of the stream and click the "Save Video" button. This media file should be saved by default in the subfolder of “Video” system folder

    How can I block a user during a live stream in a group or a supergroup?

    During recording live streaming videos, if you do not like the comments of any user, then you can delete him from the group. Click on the comment of the user you want to delete and confirm this action. You can return the user again by adding him again or by sending an invitation link to the supergroup.
    If the user has been blocked in the supergroup, then he is removed from the group and it can get him blacklisted

    Where can I see the live video history?

    Go to the group settings and select "Live video history." Before you there will be a complete list of brief information about the video by name, date, duration and number of viewers

    How do I report the live stream?

    Click on the button near the line for entering messages. The "Report" button will appear, then in the dialog box you need to select an element from the list of violations

    What are channels for?

    Channels in Hola are designed for the rapid and effective dissemination of information to a wide audience. Channels are original public pages on interests or blogs, that broadcast in the form of a news tape with an opportunity of carrying out Live stream.
    Subscribers are exclusively readers, there is an opportunity only to share the publication, save to "favorites" and view Live stream.
    The channel can have no limited number of subscribers. New members, subscribing to the channel see the entire history of publications

    What is a private channel? And how to add people to your channel?

    Channels are of two types: public and private.
    You can subscribe to a private channel only by clicking the link. It is generated when creating a channel; you copy it and send it to the selected contacts.
    A public channel can be found in the Hola search by its name. Or you can subscribe by the link, it can be published on social networks or on sites, and people can share it.

    What can the creator of the channel do?

    The channel creator can make publications, delete them (for everyone), add / delete users, add / delete administrators, turn on / turn off administrator’s sign messages, change the name, information and photo of the channel, conduct a live stream video, and delete the channel

    What rights does the channel administrator have?

    The channel creator can set permissions for administrators in the channel settings. You can choose which administrators can add new users, manage messages, block members, edit group information, add new administrators

    How can I find out which contacts have Messenger?

    In the contacts section you will see two tabs. "Messenger" means users who use Hola. And the "Other" tab is those who have not yet installed the Messenger. To such people you can always send an invitation to join Hola (by clicking on the contact)

    What's the difference between a group, a supergroup and a channel?

    Groups are a chat for a small number of interlocutors, for friends, acquaintances or relatives, usually not more than 200 participants. All participants can edit the name, photos of the group and add participants. If the number of subscribers grows and approaches two hundred, then it's worth thinking about a supergroup that can hold up to 30,000 people.

    Characteristics of the supergroup:
  • All history of messages is available for new members
  • Deleted records are deleted for all participants
  • Administrators can attach important messages
  • The creator can generate a link for the group
  • There is a black list

  • Channels are designed to provide general access to materials worthy of the general public. The number of participants is unlimited. The channels themselves are created by messenger users. The topics of channels can be all kinds of - sports, food, art, news and the like. Messages on the channel are sent on behalf of the channel, but you can configure the sending of messages with the administrator's sign. New channel members have the ability to browse the entire history of publications and can only view, share, save the publication in the "favorites" and view live streams. Each participant can leave the channel at any time (unsign)

    How do I add a user to a group chat?

    In the group settings, select "add members"

    How to create a supergroup?

    In the group chat, go to the group settings, click on the menu and choose "convert to the supergroup." Remember, this action is not reversible

    How do I turn off push notifications from a group chat?

    In the group chat menu, select "disable alerts"
    Or, in the group settings, click on "notifications"

    How do I delete a group history?

  • Press and hold the group chat line, select "delete history"
  • In the group menu, select "delete history"
  • Who adds members and appoints group / supergroup administrators?

    The creator and his assigned administrators can add members to the group.
    Only the group creator can assign administrators. In the settings of the supergroup the creator has an additional opportunity to note who can add new members: all participants or only administrators

    How can I start my call with the user?

    There are several ways to start a call:

    1. If you are in a chat / group chat, click on the photo of the user you want to call, the profile contact information will open, there is an icon "Call"
    2. In the contacts section, click on the "Call" icon in front of the desired user
    3. In the section of calls, click on the "create" icon, the list of contacts will open, clicking on the desired user will start the call

    How can I hide information that I am "online" or "when I was online"?

    In the settings, the privacy and security section, you can choose who can see your last online time. Information about your last online time for those users, for whom you have hidden your time, will not be available.

    Instead of time, an approximate value will be shown:
  • recently (the user has been online for the last 2-3 days)
  • this week (3 to 7 days)
  • this month (from a week to a month)
  • a long time - more than a month (also displayed for blocked users)
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